Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jobs and Recession

There couldn't have been a more worse time for me to graduate.. I never thought I'd be affected by the recession.. And here I am, hunting for jobs since a month and still jobless! I signed up on all the job portals I knew.. and everyday I get mails from them saying they've jobs that supposedly match my profile. I apply to all of them and rarely ever do they revert..!
Last week, I was all excited when I finally got a mail from some Datamatics Global Services saying they had a job matching my profile, and that I was to urgently come there with my resume. The next day itself, I went there accompanied by my unemployed friend. We were made to fill some forms and wait outside to be called in by the HR for some short seminar that would give us an idea of our job profiles. We waited.. waited and waited some more! Soon, it was time for lunch, we ran to the cafeteria and hogged as much as we could :D And then FINALLY the HR called us in..  After 4 hours of waiting, he tells us we have to search Google and Wiki for information on their products, edit the information to discard irrelevant info, and feed the stuff into MS-Excel! And the mail said the job matched my profile !!! 3 years of learning progamming languages, developing web based and system applications and we end up with a data-entry job! We couldn't wait there any longer and literally ran out of the office building as soon as he went in to get the Test papers! :D

Yesterday again, I went for an interview in Karrox technologies, which turned out to be a coaching class. There was a huge crowd of people lined up for the interview, guessed they all got the mail. After 2 hours of waiting, we were told that we have to pay them 50K for a training course, after which IBM will come to their coaching class to recruit people and it MAY hire us after interviewing us.. All of us left at once!!! It was like paying them to get paid!!! :D 

I've given up hopes of getting employed now.. maybe I'll just complete my Masters, and by then, hopefully the situation'll improve..!! Else, you might find me in some firm working with Google and Excel.. ! :P


~'®Î†Z' said...
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~'®Î†Z' said...

Yes dear i am also a going through this.If we go somewhere 4 job they ask for experience Dun dose stupid fellas understand that if they dun give us chance we will always be fresher...Anyways they are loosing an excellent opportunity of working with us.. :P they r losers hehehhe

N yes after an year i will be an Experienced fresher( experience for sitting at home hunting job) with no experience.. :P
Your BerojGaar Friend

Sid said...

Yup I think this is a good time to think of higher studies, also because the opportunity cost of doing that is low in such a market.... (Don't I practice what I preach? :)

jas said...

Why don't you develop some "web based and system applications" and try to sell them online.. in short, start ur own company with some friends?

amit said...

A lot of people go through this, the secret is to persist & keep trying. :)

In my early days (I was looking for work in my 2nd year) I even saw a lot of scam type companies which made programmers write software for them, pay them & then the company claimed to give them experience certificates after 3 months or 6 months which supposedly helped them get a job! And that was when there was no recession, eh! ;)

So yeah, a lot of people who don't get recruited on campus face these kinda situations! Just keep trying & continue your studies, markets will start getting normal in a year or so & then jobs will come back as well. :)

Anubha said...

Ya, it's always either experience or a graduation degree...! Can't help it !!

Yes, I want to complete my Masters, I was going to do that along with a job, my college allowed me to pursue MSc full-time with a concession on attendance! But now I'm all confused..!!

That's a good idea, but I'm a little apprehensive about starting my own company.. Hmm I'd like making applications for companies.. Let's see!

Thanks for visiting my blog.. :) And yes, I am trying.
I did get recruited through campus placements but they haven't given me a joining date yet so I'm applying wherever possible!

amit said...

Most of the companies which did campus recruitments have cut back & a lot of them are giving dates in future (6 months, 1 year, etc) if they are giving dates that is & then also its not a sureshot at the job, the company might not recruit! :) I know some people who got that end, after the date companies told them they can look somewhere else as they won't be able to offer a job!

Rohan - Smiles to go before i sleep :-) said...

Recession is like this alcohol..every1 will feel the kick but its effects differ from person to person... :):)

i think thinking abt higher studies at this time is the best option...

Anubha said...

That's really bad you know. I got hired by Patni last August and still haven't got the joining date!!!

Haahaa.. Waah! kya comparison hai! ;)
Well yes, now I am studying as well as working! :)