Friday, May 22, 2009

A Short Getaway...

Had been to Matheran (a hill station, around 100 km from Bombay).. It was a fun trip.. 

I got to sit on a horseback for the first time and even though I sprained my arm and leg, I enjoyed..!!!

I witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever at Sunset point.

I screamt at echo point hoping to hear an echo, but unfortunately, didn't :(

I had never before seen such a lot of monkeys together.. I thought monkeys were supposed to be friendly.. Trust me, they scare the hell out of you!! You gotta act fast to escape them! There were a few cute ones too, who ate nuts from the hands of the tourists there..! 

I played on see-saws, swings and slides after ages..!!! :D 

I jumped around and danced in the middle of the woods just cuz there was no one looking, and I could do what I wanted to !! :D

Had moonlight dinner with wonderful music!! :)

Lastly, I tweeted from my cellphone.. didn't know I'd become such a Twitter bug..! 

Here are a few clicks of the trip-- 

The sunset at Sunset Point
I like this picture particularly because of the clouds beneath the sun that are lit up by the sun-rays..It just looks so pleasant!

My cousin captured this...I like this one the best-- it has a different feel to it!

Cute, aren't they???

My cousin clicked this in just ONE go !

Me on Zoran, the Black Beauty :P


Reema said...

twitter is addictive!

Sukhdeep said...

brings back my memories of two trips to matheran that i made during my time here in mumbai.. did u go by that toy train? its lot of fun especially if u are filmy :D
and matheran is hot and dusty if u compare wid other hill stations. but nature and scenic beauty is breathtaking..

and ur comment on twitter.. well i am on twitter since a year not addictive yet.. only 3k tweets :p

Harsh said...

Looks like you really had a lot of fun with the monkeys and all :P ... I also need to plan something for these holidays now ...

And yes , twitter can be addictive ... very very addictive

~'®Î†Z' said...

Nice pics... :)
U didn take me to Matheran na :x ...hmmm u will repent in future.. :P

Anubha said...

You bet !

No I missed the toy train, we went by car :( Matheran was pretty cool .. atleast compared to Bombay ! :D
As far as twitter goes, I'm hooked on to it now! :D

Monkeys are scary..!!!
And yes, twitter IS addictive..

Wahaa ke bandar tujhe yaad kar rahe the.. msg bhejaa hai - "chot jyaada toh nahi lagi na" ??? :P :P
(for people who didn't get this-- this girl got bit by a MONKEY!!! can you believe that?? LOL :D)

Calvin Pereira said...

Trust me that Jump can help promote M.O.D.....[ahhhblahhaahajha]

Anubha said...

M.O.D. ??? :s