Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Okay.. so I never ever thought I'd be writing this and I highly doubt I'd ever have done so if it weren't for Blogadda so I'd like to thank Blogadda first for giving me a chance to!

I am out of words though when it comes to writing something for dad- our bond is different. I don't know what name to give to it.

Honestly, I have always felt I've never been a good daughter to him- always going against his wishes but that was never to hurt him; I just liked doing things my way. It never occurred to me that I might be hurting him by doing so, and even if it did, I was too stubborn. Dad also wanted me to learn classical music, which I did, but half way through my course, I quit because I flunked in one of those music exams. I had never tasted failure before and trust me, for an eight year old, it's too much to take. He wanted me to become a news reporter, and I ended up taking science in college (for reasons I'm not sure of yet!). We have a lot of differences too and some may never go away.

There have been a lot of good times that I'll always cherish though. I love discussing novels, or the English language with him. I remember times when we sat down together working on crosswords, and all the times he helped me with my essays and speeches. I love having conversations with him on topics such as life and the universe. He has always been an active participant in all of these discussions and I truly admire his intelligence! He is a calm person that way and loves old songs & movies. When I think of him, I imagine a song on his lips and sincerity in the work that he's doing. He isn't very expressive though, and that's the reason I can't figure out what he feels for me.

I hope and I'd like to find out some time.

On this day, I want to thank him for all those times and wish him all the happiness that he deserves. :)

Happy Father's Day Papa! :)

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Unknown said...

Make sure your dad reads it..Hope you would have thanked him personally too :)

JD said...

amazing! may be expressing love is not da only way to prove you love someone..diz post sends da message...I m sure once he reads this, he'll be so happy to know how you still remember those special little things dat r now few of da precious moments now... lovely post! :)

Unknown said...

Ok this is totally out of topic and context : I am taking a random guess. Are you by any remote chance Abhishek Bhat's sister. This is Bhargavi. In case you still aren't able to place, let me know and we ll figure it out :)

Nice post, Anubha. I sent mine to my dad :)


Anubha said...

@firelick Oh, I'm hoping he does! And no, I haven't thanked him personally. I'm not very free with him. Just wished him on Father's Day! :) Welcome to my blog :)

I hope so too.. thanks :)

Hi.. I got a little confused there between "Anu" and "Bhargavi". Anyway, yes, I am his sister and I know you. :) Will add you on gtalk tonight! Btw, "HIS" birthday today no?

@Mr Lonely
Welcome to my blog and thanks! :)
Will visit your blog soon! :)

Unknown said...

Yay, she knows, she knows :p

Yeah, HIS b'day today :D I have news. How will you add me on gtalk? U don;t know my gmail, do you? Ooh, blogger profile mein milega, forgot.
How is bhai? Rest on chat :)

Unknown said...

@anubha actually i almost typed your handle there :).

I sent my dad happy fathers day in the evening and he replied saying

"Too late, no thanks with a smiley :)"..Anyways it was a nice read

Anubha said...

You on Twitter?

Reema said...

its good that ur dad wanted u to be something different rather than a doctor or engg like most dads :)

Anubha said...

Yes, but I didn't listen na! :(