Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Women Want

I had written this long back: I am reposting this for this week's Blogadda & Pringoo contest. I wanted to attach a Twitter t-shirt as a gift item that I'd like for myself if I win (I hope I do! :P), but the page just wouldn't open :( Anyway, so here goes:

So what do women want?

This has always been the most unresolved mysteries of all time, because it involves the supposedly "inexplicable" brain of a woman. So, I decided to do a bit of research. Of course, it helps when you're a woman yourself! :P

So, what do we really want when it comes to a man, a relationship, a long-term commitment? At the end of the day, all a woman wants is someone kind and considerate with the persona of a gentleman but that's not enough to get noticed! It takes a lot more than just that! 

When we go partying, to a club or just about anywhere, we like to see men who stand out. Be it the stand-up comedian performing on stage, the bartender juggling his cocktails, the guitarist strumming the chords of "Hotel California", we get easily attracted to men who are "different" from the rest.

For most of us, "confidence" is the key. If you've got it, you've got us. "Over-confidence" is a big turn-off !! You'd rather be shaky than be more than what you should be. A man who is sure of himself, surely knows how to take care of his lady and that speaks a lot in itself.

Romance is important, and there is more to romance than just candies and flowers. We love and appreciate it more when a guy does something for us. More than just materialistic gifts, we like it when you sing for us, write about us, or if you're an artist- paint us a portrait! It's not only flattering, but the love that goes along with so much of effort shows. We can easily tell when it's done from the heart. It need not be all perfect. We like it when you goof up whilst trying to be romantic! :D 

We love unpredictability and spontaneity as well. Almost all of us have seen and laughed at the Hero Honda commercial where the guy drives to his girlfriend's house to wish her "Goodnight" in the middle of the night! It may look like the guy's out of his mind and that in real life, he's sure to get slapped but that's not so. We like it when guys are spontaneous- taking us out on an unplanned road-trip to a place you really like is a HIT! :) However, this should be done only when you've met the girl a good number of times, else you'll end up freaking her out!

Intelligence is a turn ON as well. I'm not very sure about geeks and nerds, but witty intelligence is sure to attract! Funny one-liners at the right time and good humour show how clever you are and we totally fall for that! 

Looks aren't as important as presentability. It's enough if you can carry yourself well. (No offence to the new Mens' fairness cream product manufacturers! :D)

Violence is a big NO. Although we like guys who fight (defend) for us, we despise hooligans who unnecessarily call a fight on themselves to "impress". 

Possessing one or more of these qualities is enough to get women to notice you and fall for you. 

By the way, for all you F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans (me included), Chandler's got ALMOST all of these traits !! He does lack confidence (he is insecure when it comes to marriage), but he's got romance (remember the candle-light theme when he proposes Monica for marriage?) and unpredictability (remember how he runs away from home on the day of his wedding? :D okay, that episode does not really account for his unpredictability in a way that we want to mention here, but there have been a lot of times when he's been totally unpredictable- sex on a hospital bed is one of those!) and wit (do I even need to state an example?). He totally rocks! :D

For a relationship, of course, trust, body chemistry and a few other factors would matter. 

And as I mentioned before, for a long-term commitment, a woman looks for someone who respects her and loves her just the same. Yes, someone who would hold the door out for her when she walks into a room; someone who would kiss her forehead and tell her she looks beautiful even after she's just up and looks sloshed. Though it sounds too commonplace, it's true! 

Lastly, be yourself. That's more important than anything else. Honesty (also to yourself) needs to be maintained through all phases of any relationship. It's a #WIN. :P

Before I end this, a link for all you ladies- 7 types of guys you should not date: (via @ideasmithy)
Happy reading! :)


Unknown said...

Hmm. Nice one.. Should help the guys rather than girls.

wonder whom it was intended at :)

Unknown said...

Aww.. such a straight-from-the-heart post! You have my Yes-Yes for ALL the points. I'll make sure I forward this to my guy :)

All the best for the competition, Anubha!



Anubha said...

Hehe wasn't specific for anyone! :) Btw, you still haven't told me your handle!

Thanks dear, didn't win though :P

Reema said...

great post!! Bas hum zyada nahi maangte ;) lol :D Chandler was commitment phobic!!

Anubha said...

hehe thanks :D And yes, he was commitment phobic but ironically the first one to get married! ;)

Lan said...
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Lan said...

This post seems like it has come straight from the heart :) :)
I like the way you write... from your heart...

It is always nice to read a women's prospective, and this one was very well written... great post.. :)

grammatical mistake in the previous post.. so deleted it!! I have heard that bad english is also a turn off :)