Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have lost how to love,
I have lost how to give,
I lost a lot more,
When I learnt how to live.

I feel like escaping,
from this world full of wants.
I feel like being alone for a bit,
and let these demons haunt.

I sometimes don't like what I've turned into,
and keep wishing that I could flee,
to a time back when I cared & gave,
and loved hopelessly...

I don't know why I wrote this tonight but this is what I've been feeling since quite some time now..


Anonymous said...

First! *now going back to read*

Anonymous said...

These words which you wrote, thats the real you, i hope your wish gets fulfilled....

Anonymous said...

Aww sweetie, I feel the same. And wow you write beautifully!!

Bluraykabaap said...

Maybe I should've trashed my life
but for that I'm gonna turn to you.
And the trashed people askin' my head until I sweat
Now tell me what the fuck to do.

Thrashed,Lost & Strungout!

Anonymous said...

Another self pity post, jus do the right things in life instead of feeling bad about it later, dont jus keep doin everything wrong and then writing posts like this, because writing these posts isnt going to make things right, u cant jus go around hurting ppl around, take some time off and think abt every one u have hurt, ppl u left behind, ppl who really cared abt u.

Anubha said...

@partywithneha Yes, first! :D

Thanks and I hope so too :)

Thanks girl.. will talk to you soon! :)

Hmm, hang in there! All will fall in place. Believe.

Haven't really hurt anyone all that much; just stopped giving to people for some reason. I just want to do my own things these days and like to be left alone most of the time. People who care about me understand this perfectly and I'm thankful. :)

Rohan - Smiles to go before i sleep :-) said...

agree with the Anonymous post...jus going through ur last few post e1 i sensed tht it had lot of self pity matter in it...if really there are things that trouble u so much later, y not think abt it clearly and try and avoid them in future...v hav 1 option of realising our mistake and trying to improve on it and there is another option of realising our mistakes and feeling ourself pity n helpless about it...the 1st option improves u as a person while the 2nd makes u aim for the 1st option...

frankly if u ask me u surely r not the anubha i got to know a few years back...really hoppe u r back to that soon

Reema said...

beautiful lines!