Friday, December 30, 2011

Age - just a number?

Recently, someone at my workplace asked me how old I was and I told him my real age. He was shocked and after confirming it with me, went on to say I don't look anything more than 20 years of age. That got me thinking.. I never really felt my "age". I never gave it a thought. I mean.. I look 20 (except that I am gaining weight day by day :( ). I *feel* 20. I live my life as if I were 20; meaning as if I have a lot of years ahead of me to settle down in terms of a relationship, a career, in life..

I am so carefree at times and feel like a kid in a lot of ways inside, so to believe or even say how old I really am is kind-of difficult, scary and just plain weird. It feels like I am a few years behind time. I don't know if anyone has felt this way before. It's as if the number doesn't suit who I am inside. :-/

Since that day on, whenever I am completely lost in the moment, playing TT at work or cracking jokes with my colleagues, I suddenly get reminded of my age and start analysing my behaviour !!! :S It has made me a little conscious and has made being myself difficult :S

It made me think whether age is really just a number like most people say it is. And whether there really is an age to do everything.. like they say you should start behaving in a certain way when you're 21+.. or in the way our parents behave when we cross 30, because parents are all grown-up and grown-ups should behave like grown-ups.. I am really afraid I'll continue to behave and feel the way I do inside till I breathe my last.


Karan Talreja said...

Maturity comes naturally with age but there is no point in being conscious and changing our behaviour deliberately. We are bogged down by n number of responsibilities as we grow old but we gotta take all those things as they come without letting our behaviour change. There is no age for falling in love, there is no age for playing hide and seek with short, everything which keeps u happy should go on for the rest of your life :)

Seema Vishwakarma said...

This is exactly how I feels about my age anu...Even I never got that feeling that i have crossed 20 and on the verge of completing a quarter of my life :( but then dont u think its good, as long as we consider our self young from internally we will never get old no matter even if our age increases..and I feel maturity comes when we have burden of responsibilities on us that's why our parents are so responsible.. :)

Jaspreet Aiden said...

18 till I die, gonna be 18 till I die