Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun! (Day 55 - Project 366)

Remember a contest I had conducted on my art blog? I finally met the winner today as I had gone to give him his prize! :) I had forgotten to carry my camera along :( We had a really nice and long conversation but not enough time. I have noticed he is one more person I can talk to and tend to run short of time while doing so. Such meets are always pleasant :) My friends joined us too in a while as we had to go to a restaurant/pub from there.

Had fun at Volare. It's a pub in Colaba. The food was good, the alcohol rates were a little on the heavier side but it was Ladies night and most of us were girls :) So we just had to pay a small fee and could avail  unlimited number of drinks from the four cocktails that they had specified. I was not very satisfied with Sangria. It is a drink that is made up of wine, small fruit pieces, sweetener etc. The drink I had didn't taste like wine at all. It didn't have any fruit pieces either and was more on the bitter side than sweet! The mojitos were pretty decent. I liked the pastas & pizzas.

The place didn't have much of a crowd for a Friday night strangely. It added to our advantage, as we got the dance floor to ourselves! :D

It was great fun swinging to techno as well as Bollywood numbers like "Chikni Chameli" and "Ooh La La" :P

Three of my friends came to spend the night at home.. and we were up till 4:30 a.m. drinking tea, playing UNO and having a superrrrrrrr time! :)

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