Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mixed Feelings (Day 31 - Project 366)

You know that feeling when you feel all guilty about potentially hurting someone, and then that "someone" does or says something that makes you lose all the respect for him/her making that guilt go away? I am feeling exactly that now. I am glad I feel this way- it is better than having to live with the guilt. But I didn't want things to end like this. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being accused of dishonesty. Anyway, I am glad it's over (after I lost all respect) but sad it had to end like this. I still feel hurt and I do plan to teach further lessons.

Anyway, so as I said, I had a really bad day today and my childhood bestie came to the rescue :) She kept speaking to me all through whatever happened, and in the evening, after I came home from Siddhivinayak (had gone with mom), she had brought me some sookha bhel too. It did cheer me up!

Half-eaten Bhel that Chinky brought home :)

Also wore my new dhoti pants today when I was off to Siddhivinayak with mom. They are cotton, formal, comfortable and smart! A Shoppers Stop purchase:

How do you like them??

I have finished a month with Project 366 now. Did you like it? Do you find it boring or annoying? Do you wait for a new post to come everyday (that would make me so happy! :D :P)? I would love to know what your views are. As for me, it has been good so far but I do feel my quality of writing has deteorated in an effort to post something everyday. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes it doesn't. Then again, sometimes it's too late to write something (like it is right now.. it's 2 a.m. :P).

I hope to write nice and interesting blog posts (besides the Project 366 that I'm doing) in the coming weeks. So stay tuned! :)


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you smile again .... :)

Anubha said...

Feels like you know me personally. Anyway, thanks :)