Monday, January 30, 2012

Random (Day 30 - Project 366)

Today was an eventful day. So much happened! But not everything I can write about...

Having a hard time with one aspect of my life. I don't wish to be rude but getting provoked to do so. Certain issues at work that are making me behave rudely with the person I actually like & respect.

Anyway, this post is about happy moments!!! So here I go..

Today's moments are rather silly. :D I don't know what this fruit is called in English. We call it Zamb in Konkani. As soon as I stepped out of Goregaon station, I couldn't resist myself from buying these:

They aren't usually pink. I don't know why these had that tinge of colour on them. But the taste was just the same!! :)

Also wore the kurta I bought from Shoppers Stop the other day. Wasn't looking as good as it did when I bought it but it fits me well - me is happy!

Seema, Chinky and I have joined some freestyle dancing sessions in Matunga on Mondays & Saturdays. This picture was clicked there. We burn calories there and then go out & hog on food :D

So, the day was pretty okay, but I am just very tired from last night's dancing, and today's whole day of work+dancing. I hope to catch up on some sleep tonight. Tada :)


Sakhi said...

I love this Zamb but it is not available in Bangalore :(

And hey, your top does look nice :)

Alisha said...

its called LOVE APPLES sweeti in english

Anubha said...

Thanks, I am glad you liked the top! :)
You used to find Zamb in Ahmedabad? JD didn't know about it. Usne bola nahi milta :O

Oh alright, I didn't know.. thanks :)

Sakhi said...

JD is right, we don't see it in ahmedabad... So when I go to mumbai, I search for such things which aren't available at my place :)