Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1 - Project 366

The complimentary "Sookha Puri" :D

"Cutting" Conversations :)

Had a really nice New Years day today.. met one of my soul sisters Haseena, had panipuri, chai and dinner at her place. Long conversations make me happy <3

Day ended well with coffee at Cafe Coffee Day with best friend Mona, another soul sister Alisha followed by meeting with childhood bestie Chinky :D

Looks like it's going to be a 'happy' new year indeed ;)

P.S: I know I said one photo a day, but I think I am going to change the rule to a minimum of 1 ;) my blog, my rules :D

To know what Project 366 is all about, you should read this.


Sanjita said...

A perfect beginning with loved ones! :D Happy for you! May you have many more such perfect moments all through the year! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. When I saw your post about Project #366, I said in my mind 'Now this girl will post a pic of a glass of tea' :)

Anubha said...

Yes.. thank you :) May you have a wonderful year too!

hahaha.. I can't upload a photo of tea everyday, but it deserves to be in the first post of the project, don't you think? ;)