Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weddings! (Day 21 - Project 366)

Weddings are fun, especially when they involve wine, cake and dancing! :)

Today was one such day I was looking forward to.. it was Neil's sister's wedding. But I totally ruined it by coming home late- thus taking longer to dress up, forgetting the gift at home, buying a new gift from the area around the wedding venue and then realising that I had read the venue wrongly. We went to two weddings (by mistake) before we finally got to the one we were supposed to go to. And that made Chinky upset too.

So, my happy moment was only when we danced around a bit.. Chinky had to leave soon.

Tap tap..

 Shall we dance? :D

 And that's Chinky shaking a leg..


 85 and still swinging
Guess some things don't turn out the way you expect them to, no matter how hard you wish they would.

A lot of things to wind up this weekend.. and decisions to be made!! I hate it when I have to make decisions.. for now, bye all :)

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