Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shopping :D (Day 18 - Project 366)

So today was 'shopping day' again :D I know I have been spending way too much but I can't help but buy a few things I like when I know I can afford to! Have to start saving soon though..

Recently, J had introduced me to this wonderful stationery store near Goregaon Station (East), and I had fallen in love with it the first time I went.. Today, I saw J's notebooks and felt like buying some myself. So I decided to pay a visit and ended up buying 3 notebooks.

 One of these is a pack of 2, I really liked the packaging :D

The stationery store

Next, I bought these nail art bottles in 2 different colours- white and red, from the train.. These have a brush and a pin (for drawing), so they can be used for painting as well as for nail art, isn't that great?

Tried them out as soon as I went home:

Tried making tiny hearts with dots on either side of them. I think I need to practise a little more...

I also picked up a tshirt on my way home. I always wanted a top with gathered sleeves (even though it's really common), and I found one with newspaper-like print over it. I have never worn tops with bold prints or even colours.. I always opt for sober coloured clothes, so this is the first time I picked up something like this:

It's jersey material. I like the sleeves..always wanted them. I am not so confident about carrying the print off, but it sure is a change from the usual!

Cutting chai, dabeli & ragda pattice with Reeti over a really good conversation (as usual :)) added to the happiness :)

Couldn't complete my pillow today, as I came home really late and the mattress shop got closed by then (it is close to my house). I will try to finish it tomorrow and post a picture :)

Enough for today.. cya :)


~j~ said...
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~j~ said...

That's a fab print on the top. Looks good. :)

And I need to stay away from that stationery store and all the sales going on right now.