Monday, January 9, 2012

Dance! (Day 8 - Project 366)

So, I finished one of the things on my list today i.e. rejoining my dance classes! Somehow, I didn't enjoy AS much as I used to last year.. maybe it will take time getting used to the new batch of people. It's all about the music anyway, so it has to be good.

 That's my dance studio!

On my way home, I gorged on some panipuri:

Poor fellow was complaining of less customers due to the winter.. Bombay is unusually cold these days!

I spotted a kite shop near Santacruz station, and it struck me that Makar Sankranti is coming closer.. The wonderful display of kites of different sizes & shapes made for some good pictures:

Doesn't it all look colourful?..

The shopkeeper looked pretty pleased too :P


Praying hard for peace and all that is coming to me is unrest. I really do not mean to hurt people and I do always tell the truth. Everything seems to be falling apart... :(

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Sanjita said...

Quite a colorful post! :) Well.. But Unrest seems to steal away all the colour.. :( Hmm.. Just hang on and keep looking for what makes it all meaningful to you till you find it. I have no idea of the solution to peace but I do know just how it feels. Life is an act of faith.. So just keep hanging on.. :)