Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bangles and Pillow! (Day 17 - Project 366)

Shopped from the train again today !!! :D

These bangles are all connected to each other, meaning it's just one thing.

Without flash.. (Note: I am not so dark. The light is in the opposite direction :P)

Also tried making a pillow today after watching a video that Sakhi shared on Facebook..

I managed to get so far.. I still have to fill in cotton/sponge/fibre (not sure what exactly they fill, but I'm going to that mattress shop tomorrow)

Thinking of stitching an old button onto it too. :) So far, it required zero sewing. Isn't that amazing? Will put up the video and the entire tutorial on my art blog once this is done!

I'm going to take this to bed every day! :)

1 comment:

Sakhi said...

Wah wah... those bangles look super cool and you already made that pillow.. tussi great ho! you can fill the washable fibres, they are soft, retain less dirt and easy to clean compared to cotton. Sponge too is a no-no...

Now, I HAVE to make one real soon :D :D