Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some more dancing... (Day 9 - Project 366)

I thought there would be no happy moment all day today.. nothing's going right in my life at the moment and it was already 10pm. I thought I'd spend some time with my childhood bestie Chinky so I went to her place. In no time, my happy moment was born!! We started playing some jive numbers on YouTube and began dancing. After a while, I also tried teaching her some waltz and salsa :D

After sweating ourselves out, I had dinner and went back. She then taught me some Indian dance steps that she was learning for someone's wedding sangeet.

It was so much fun I think I'm going to do this everyday :D

Finally cheered up a little..a little worried about being low again. But I don't want to lose this moment...

Some pics for you all courtesy Chinky's mom (they are a little blurry as there wasn't much light in the room and we didn't plan to take pictures or anything then):

And a really crazy video:

Taking each day at a time..

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