Saturday, January 7, 2012

TGIF :D (Day 6 - Project 366)

Train shopping :D


What made me even more happier today is when, by mid afternoon, I had forgotten that it was a Friday today and my colleague reminded me of it. My immediate reaction was "WOW" :D Couldn't really capture that moment in a picture. It's funny how I never felt that way on a Friday before! Maybe I am turning into those Monday-hating Friday-loving people.


Night walk on our terrace with my childhood bestie was fun & relaxing as always. I don't like the fact that she uses a Blackberry though. All you Blackberry users- turn those BBMs off when you're with someone. Trust me, it is not good etiquette and can get irritating after a point. I had a good time with her anyway! :D


On a totally random & not-so-happy note, I used to like it when Elphinstone Road was a lesser known station. I hate the fact that the trains are crowded when I am about to get down or board sometimes. Train travel is getting difficult day by day.

 P.S: Added titles to all my posts.. The title to the last one was suggested by Annkur! :)

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