Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nostalgia & Samosas! (Day 3 - Project 366)

Today, this song took me back to the good old days, the happy times :

The 90s were when albums ruled.. and I still listen to every one of the album songs of the 90s. Takes you back to the secret crushes you had, the dance steps you tried, the fun times when nothing mattered :)

And now for the pic of the day (though this video made me more happier)- I had decided this morning that I'd refrain from having tea/coffee as much as possible and would consume more fibre than fat. Trying to lose weight you see! Even took the stairs to go up five floors instead of using the lift. I had just 1.5 cups of tea all day and managed to stick to my word where the beverages were concerned. But when I came home, tired and hungry, all I wanted was:

I personally think the samosa is incomplete without the meethi (imli/tamarind) chutney. What's your take? Also, just noticed that the newspaper looks to be more interesting :D

 I hadn't asked for this, but dad got it anyway. How could I say no? :P
Will walk a little extra tomorrow, and burn those extra calories. Now it's time for dinner! :D Cya!


Sanjita said...

;) Seems like an interesting meal for weight loss.. But I fail to understand on what standards you consider yourself fat.. :O And yeah! Tamarind chutney's a must! And thanks to you I got hung on to Youtube streaming all the contemporary album hits of 90s. Used to be glued to the idiot box while they were playing.. :P Nostalgia.. :)

Sudarshan said...

Nice newspaper...:D

Anubha said...

haha yes it was a very interesting meal indeed :P I was very thin and I have suddenly started gaining a lot of weight (ever since I started working). It might be the stress. I am just scared I'll get even more fatter if I don't start taking care now. I've already gained a lot and burning that fat is going to be really tricky.

I simply loved the album hits back then!! The English tracks were good too. I remember calling on several music channels & requesting for songs too. Spoke to Nikhil Chinappa on MTV Select once. Those were the days! :D

Sadly now reality shows are taking over the music :(

Haha.. I know!!!

Sanjita said...

@Anubha I still fail to see how you call yourself fat. Nevertheless its good to take care & keep your wt in check about the aim should more rightly be to keep fit. Don't do it to lose wt but to keep fit & toned up. Giving up stuff you love to eat is not healthy either.. ;) There'll be a time when we'll be compelled to make restrictions. Save the dieting for then. Till then eat happy & keep fit! :)
And yeah.. true about the reality shows sadly.. :( Miss the olden days.