Saturday, January 14, 2012

Craft & Colouring! (Day 13 - Project 366)

So today is Friday the 13th. How was it for you all? How many of you actually believe in the myth at all? My day was pretty okay but last night was scary indeed. I couldn't sleep at all. Every minute I kept hearing strange noises and felt like someone was in the house. I don't recall how or when I actually fell asleep but I am glad I managed to!

Today was craft day again.. After painting my nails (:P) and going for a long walk with my close pal Reeti, I came back home to finish what I had started here.

I did manage to finish it but it looks nothing like it should be :D

It's actually an ancient quiver that you can hang across your body or just on a shoulder, and I am planning to make sapling-arrows tomorrow.. But this looks nothing like a quiver, does it? Hmm I had fun anyway, so it really doesn't matter!

 This is the top part of the quiver

The top message

The message at the bottom (in conjunction to the concept of sapling-arrows)

Have hung it around my shoulder. This is a self photograph through a mirror.. so excuse me for the quality.

I know I should be posting this on my art & idea blogs and will be doing so. I myself don't like repetitive content but I had to share the moment on this one.. Will update those blogs once I am done.

The weekend's here and there are going to be a lot of things to blog about over the next couple of days.. stay tuned ;) :P

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