Friday, January 27, 2012

The Sapling Project (Day 26 - Project 366)

Volunteered for the Sapling Project drive today, and I like going all the way (to all the venues). It was so much fun that I felt like going ahead from the Shivaji Park venue this time too but a lot of things had to be worked upon. A couple of shots from today:

Haha.. looks like I am the only one not wearing the tshirt (but it still is green, isn't it? And apt for Republic Day.. it shows secularism :P) This photo was shared by Satish Vijaykumar who is one of the founders of the project.

That's a couple of girl guides carrying saplings on their way home after hoisting the flag & watching the parade at Shivaji Park grounds. This picture was shared by Vishal Gadkari (who I think shot it too).

Day ended well with a get-together on my terrace organised by my childhood bestie Chinky and her extended family. There's always a get-together on Republic Day. Played games like Musical Chairs & Pictionary after really long. Don't have pics of it right now though.

Taking a hard decision tomorrow.. things are difficult when emotions are involved. Let's see how things work out.. till then it's a secret! ;)

P.S: Happy Republic Day! :P

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