Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoppers Stop! (Day 27 - Project 366)

A long time back, I had seen a pair of awesome cotton dhoti pants at Shoppers Stop. They looked classy and ethnic at the same time - a combo that is rather rare. I particulary liked a dhoti pant in a military green shade and today, when I was already feeling blue after work, I decided to cheer myself up a bit and got down at Bandra to go grab it!

I ended up buying another tunic as well..

Surprisingly, mom didn't say anything when I came home.. She lets me buy the stuff I like these days :)

So, it was fun shopping as always! Will post pictures of my purchase tomorrow since I am realllllllllllly sleepy right now. 

Goodnight everyone and to those on the other side, I hope you have a nice day :) Much love.

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Shoppers Stop said...

Hey! Thanks for your kind words on Shoppers Stop. Did you enjoy our sale?