Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Picture Day :P (Day 37 - Project 366)

I totally forgot to take a picture on this day, for this day!! It was a plain old day really, except for the fact that it was my last freestyle dancing class.. I was pretty pumped up when Chinky, Gaurang (my neighbour) and I went shopping for Gaurang's slippers after my class. After looking in every one of the brand factory outlets, he finally picked a pair from Nike.

Was feeling tired and uneasy all day. Just as I had thought, I got sick in the night. I soooo hate being sick!!

Anyway, no picture here. I couldn't keep upto the Project 366 vow I guess. But, no worries, I will still continue to post & write about happy moments. :)

So stay tuned.. tada :)

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