Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I am back :P (Day 52 - Project 366) guess who's back??! I am really really sorry this project had to suffer a break :( I tried hard to keep this going but something came up on Day 41, and I had to go out of town immediately. The next 4-6 days kept me so busy that I had no time to breathe. Post that, there were so many events to go to that posting everyday became difficult. I did click pictures whenever I could, but posting was the hard part. I admit I also got lazy to return to my blog after the 6 day break! A lot of people asked me why I wasn't doing Project366 anymore and it sure did feel good to know people followed the series! Even though there has been a break, I still want to continue with Day 52. I will try my best to keep up with this!! :)

To give y'all an update, a lot of things have taken place. Barcamp Mumbai was back for the eighth time this Sunday (19th of February). For those who do not know what Barcamp is, you should read up this: This is the link to the wiki page for Barcamp Mumbai. Though I could not be present all day unlike last time, I took a session for the first time! :) And people actually listened and asked questions too! :D I was nervous while presenting a mock session to someone but was surprisingly cool & calm during the main presentation! :) Sharing some pictures of the Barcamp clicked by Ankit Daftery :

This is the wiki board where people, wanting to take a session, can stick post-its in the available time slots. The columns stand for the rooms. So there are multiple sessions happening simultaneously in different rooms, and it gets really hard to choose one over another! The topic can be anything! It can range from art, cooking, history, education, to even psychology, technology and medicine!

I missed having these :( This is what happens when you arrive too late!

Random pics from the sessions :

And this was one interactive session that made you dance, workout and laugh - all at the same time:

You can find his whole album here :

Looks like fun, doesn't it? To know of future barcamps, you can follow @BarcampMumbai on Twitter or join the group on Facebook. These Barcamps also happen in other cities all over India. You might want to keep a track of those here:

I might upload a video of my session if I like it. Still have to view it myself! :)

--- x ---

Played badminton and skipped after really long last evening:

I've played badminton a lot but I think I skipped after years!!! Don't even remember when I did it last. I might have been eleven.. no wonder I am so short :P

--- x ---

Today was quite unlike any other day.. After a long time, I woke up at 6:30 and went for a jog. Mornings are so pleasant!

Post that, I did yoga for an hour, got ready and went to shoot random pictures & videos with friends (Chinky, Alisha, Ashu).

It was real fun shooting videos and photos all morning..

After having some chai at my regular chaiwallah, I spotted two cats sitting back to back, one cat facing the back of another. They had been sitting that way for a long time and people were stopping & looking at them as they passed by. We took shots of these cats, and I mailed them to a friend a while back who frequents the place. He already knew about them and told me he looks at them everyday whenever he's around that area- right from afternoon to evening! They just keep sitting that way, he said!

I first thought they were.. ahem.. "humping"..*cough*.. but they were sitting quite apart for something like that to be possible :P That made me wonder how cats do "it" anyway. :S :P

I saw them today in the morning. So maybe they sit like that all day.. my friend happens to be there only post lunch to see them in that time slot. Peculiar behaviour, don't you think? I really wonder what could be the reason behind it. Don't they get bored sitting in one spot all day in the same position? They don't even move when you're clicking them!!

The rest of the day was spent at home trying to fix my laptop and working on something. My childhood bestie Chinky surprised me by gifting me these lovely pair of earrings that she made herself:

The stars have a different kind of shine to it.. I can't recall what this material is called!

Pretty, aren't they? :)

She keeps doing a lot of this stuff and you can check her other creations here:

I think she deserves an exclusive post on my art blog! :)

That's it for today I guess. But do keep checking back! I do not plan to give up on this one, though I may have skipped a few days. :) Adios!

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