Saturday, February 16, 2008

In The Name Of LOVE ...

Valentines Day was just a few days away... and it was indeed very surprising that this year, Bombay celebrated it in full swing with no disturbance from the anti-valentine Party
whatsoever..!! ;-)
Which makes me wonder...Its a day of love , and are the people really celebrating their love , or is it just for the sake of not being left alone in the whole frenzy..?

Anyways,Valentines Day is pretty much the same every year.There are couples holding hands, whispering to each other, gifts being exchanged and love being expressed..

On the other hand, there r singles, celebrating "Independence Day" ! :D and people staring
at them as if they have been plagued by some kind of a social paralysis...!!! Now, it isnt a
crime being SINGLE.. nor is it bad.. but just being seen alone on that day gets you a lot
of pitiful eyes staring at you!!

Then there are those typical uncles and aunties, who, have "been there, done that..." and
don't want their children to wander off somewhere with their better halves..!!

And offcourse political parties who take it to another level ... by beating up innocent
youngsters , as they believe that celebrating this day is against "Indian culture" !!
Frankly, I just think they are jealous as Cupid might not have struck them yet !

Speaking of myself, it was just another day for me. Being a FOSLA member (that stands for Failed One Sided Lovers Association.. :D dont worry it's just a hypothetical club..!!!), and having
recently renewed my membership :) , I wasn't really looking forward to this day. But when it
did arrive, I must admit that it brought me back some nostalgic memories that I didn't really wish to recall... I did enjoy with my friends though. Firstly , the CHIP issue got resolved that day. Then I had a great time with my college bunch.. laughing my heart out .. was online too for quite some time chatting as usual.. and finally I snuggled up in bed, thinking of how my day would have been if things would have taken a different shape...and
Ouch! That hurtt..!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Devil Strikes.

The Thackeray family has done it again. A new political party, hungry for publicity, is doing nothing but following the footsteps of the ShivSena itself.

The recent outbursts at the migrants from UP and Bihar was totally unconstitutional and uncalled for.

Who is Raj Thackeray to take the law in his hands, and decide who stays in Maharashtra and who doesnt ?
In a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, who is to decide which people to welcome and whom not to ?Is he trying to divide India into boundaries?
I thought India was a secular state, and people could go anywhere they wanted to. There are special exceptions in states like Kashmir, where you have rules for buying land.. but again, thats legal. What gives this man the right to do this ?
The statements made against Amitabh Bacchan..... he himself knows what he was talking made no sense at all. Its upon Amitabh Bacchan to excercise his choice over whichever state he wants to. Just because he resides in Maharashtra and is supporting his hometown DOES NOT MEAN he isnt being loyal enough to it.
And if Raj Thackeray thinks he's being so loyal , why doesnt he do anything for the Maharashtrians ? Why doesnt he give them jobs, or do something constructive for them?Why didnt he do anything for the Maharashtrian farmers committing suicide? Leading them on by hurting their religious sentiments is NOT the way.

Is hitting people to death the right, rather moral way of approach ? Just because some migrants of a particular state keep coming each year doesn't mean you can generalise it for the whole bunch of people of that state.And even if they do migrate and earn a living here, and if you want to stop them from coming,try to come to terms with them and make a law, protest PEACEFULLY if u want to !!!Hitting people to death, destroying personal property... IS WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE AIM OF THIS PARTY !!!! Its such an unethical party ! Where are your values gone ?
If this is what people get away doing on the name of statehood, there is much much more to come and nothing good will come out of it.
No wonder they are getting supporters from the Shivsena, after all they are adopting their criminal ways !!

Loved reading this (I'm sure you all will) :D
chk it out --