Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of those days when I want to express.. and I can't do so! Not because I am not capable of expression, I am just afraid of expression. Feels awful.

Still breathing.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New blog, exams and much more..

Recently, I had talked of creating a new blog for all my handmade crafts and paintings. I'm happy to announce that it's up, and it has a new post already: First post on Artsy Me! Bookmark. :)

About this blog, a reader recently pointed out that I haven't been updating it very often. Well, I have been going in and out of phases for the longest time now. When you have been associated with something for too long, the sudden realization that you can't have it forever leaves you feeling too empty and insecure. I am sort of getting through the feeling. I know I shall pass. Over-attachment and expectations are vices indeed, but take a great deal of strength to control. Let's just say I am getting there.

God, I could really use some love right now and a lot of strength to push me through.

Exams are round the corner too, so my day mostly goes like: wake up, check email, breakfast, study, lunch, study, yoga, snacktime, study some more, dinner, surf online. It's a very boring routine and needless to say, I'm either half asleep buried under my books or my mind is busy creating its own webs as the books continue to stare at me. So, the actual "studying" takes place in between, and for a very less time.

I need to find something very interesting to do after my holidays- something that would grab my attention FULLY. I have planned a holiday till I find out what I want to do next, I'm just hoping nothing screws it up.

I would be updating as and when I feel like. Won't promise. I need your best wishes for my exams..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Take me there..

Something I had written a few days back. Posted it on Facebook, and people seemed to like it. Thought it'd be worth posting it here too. :)

God take me to the land where everything makes sense, where the grass is always green on THIS side of the fence..

Where there exists right or wrong and nothing in between, where all things are ruled by the heart and people say what they mean..

Where there is no such thing as fear and everyone is free, God rush me to that safe little place where I can breathe easily!