Thursday, July 24, 2008

"I HEAR dead people"

I am normally not one of those people to believe in ghosts, evil spirits, werewolves, vampires and the like! I do get scared after watching a horror movie... I also get scared of the dark at times... But I never believed in those unnatural beings..

until Saturday night.

I had been to a friend's place to vashi on Saturday, for the weekend.. I always go there, the last
time I went there her dog Simba bit me.. I still dared to go there this time when she forcefully
asked me to come, but told her I wanted her dog leashed till the time I'm there, she agreed. :)And when I got there, they told me another incident that has been happening since a few months now.. Had they told me before I could go there, I don't think I would have gone !!
So, here's the story ...

Her dad keeps goin on business trips every now and then.. sometimes to Bangalore, sometimes
Delhi..What she and her younger sister told me is.. Whenever their dad goes outdoors, exactly at 2.30 a.m. at night their balcony latch starts making noise as if someone is fiddling with it
continuously.. Moreover, they can hear a lady making a weird noise, and sometimes crying
outside their bedroom door. They sleep in the bedroom with the door locked.. They had even
tried opening the door but they never saw anyone, they could only hear noises. A
nd Simba starts sniffing the bedroom door and starts barking .. the same way that he does when someone comes to their place..

Now , if you think I bought that in one go, you're wrong..I thought they must be bluffing to scare me off , so I asked Aunty (their mom) if this was true..
She said she too didnt believe them at first but once when she herself heard the latch making so
much noise, she froze in fear !! I asked them if they did anything about it, and she said she did
perfom some ritual ("Havan" for those who understand) to drive away that spirit, but it didn't
work. Sometimes it also happens when their dad is not outdoors, but her dad hasn't experienced
anything of that sorts till date. Aunty says its maybe cuz uncle is a heavy sleeper, but its really
strange that he didnt experience it even ONCE.

Now they are so used to it that once my friend was sitting outside the bedroom, in the hall area, watching TV and talking on the phone ... she had worn this gold chain with a holy pendant .. and was taking rounds while talking... and when the clock struck 2.30, the latch started making noise, and she could hear some sobbing noise outside the bedroom, and her chain snapped off, the pendant went rolling over till the edge of the sofa, she ran to the bedroom, locked herself inside and went to sleep. Next day she saw the chain wasnt broken, it had been unlocked out of the S-shaped loop and its not very easy to take it out of the loop..I asked her why all of this is happening, and she told me that there used to live a mad lady in their
building, on the 6th floor (they live on the 2nd floor), and would take rounds on the terrace. The
children troubled her a lot cuz she was eccentric. She used to murmur stuff like ... "dekh lungi
sabko..." She died recently and hers wasnt a natural death. She was crossing the tracks and a train hit her, it was fatal.People in their society say they too have had experiences of her....

After they told me the whole thing, we made light jokes out of it, and kept pulling each others
legs, planning stuff on how we'll scare off the ghost away.. !! but when we went to sleep that night they made me wear that chain and kept the bedroom door locked (though her dad was at
home,why take chances!).. I also had my earphones ON and was listening to music on my phone
at the loudest volume so that I don't get to hear anything else !!! Thankfully nothing happened.
When I came back the next day, I told this to all of my friends, and also to my parents which led to a big discussion on spirits and how they come back if they have a wish that's unfulfilled.. It gave me creeps .. I tried sleeping on Sunday night, I had the bedsheet all over me , I hugged my mom and went to sleep.. To add to my fear, the next morning she asked me if someone rang the doorbell at 2 in the night, she wasnt sure if it was a dream or if it really happened...!!! Nothing really happened after that but every night I keep gettin scared every now and then ..
If you still think I'm stupid , then well, maybe I am .. but after that day I dont think I'll get up for a nature call post midnight !! :D
BTW: "Simba was extra sweet to me the next morning (Sunday morning)... I'm no longer scared of him :)"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nostalgia .. Creepin within..

Went through my friend Aditi's album the other day (night actually)..

She had uploaded all of our best pics, mostly of us as a group chilling at Koolars (Irani) , on coll fests, bdays, treks,picnics, in class, everywhere ..!!

And I don't know why.. I could feel this chill down my spine looking at all these times we shared.. n at da same time i shuddered at the thought of never gettin these times back again, dis being the last year.. N i keep thinkin what would happen 2 yrs down the line ....

Would we while away time in the canteen ?

Would we hang around at koolars havin bun-maska, maggi n chaai ?

Would abdul chacha still recognise us ?

Would we have our dabba in da middle of da lecture and finish it all ?

Would we run to have ragdaa puri at Pritam?
Would we celebrate b'days together?

Would we go for outings?
Would Nimit (Bhangi) still get a CentreFresh for me everyday?
Would we still laugh at SJ's ? (Sanket's Jokes) ..
Will there be any SJ's at all ?

Would Amit still act like SRK ?
Would we meet on friendship day?

Would we all be together again.. the same way ??

Would we...

Nothing lasts forever ... I wish it did ....

"As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be, friends forever"
- Vitamin C : Graduation (friends forever)
*suited dis post*