Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hola !! I know I'm back after yet another long break .. don't ask me where I was! I was right here,  figuring some things out :) Logged in today to see a few drafts- posts that I had written long back but never got published. I'm going to be posting them now.. Sorry about the delay - the break was much needed though; I didn't miss being away.

So, Sakhi gave me two surprises a couple of months back. Firstly, when I went to Bangalore to visit her, she surprised me with this wonderful gift that she made herself:

Looks pretty, doesn't it? Believe it or not- the kurti was cream (off white) in colour before it was worked on by her, and the dangles are her work too! :)
You can follow her blog to get such lovely presents :P

She then told me of a letter she wrote to me three months ago; I had not received it for some reason and we were both pretty upset about it. After I came back to Bombay though, within a week's time, I got it! :D It had been very long since someone wrote to me and I was overjoyed! She has written it in calligraphy:

I smiled at the part where she mentioned she was waiting for me to come there- the letter had reached me too late! The trip was done and I was even back home by then :D

Along with the letter, there was a friendship band that she made herself too! :)

There's something different about receiving a letter just like there's something special about getting a handmade present. A letter says so much more than an email would even when it just says 'Hello'. No one waits for a letter anymore though, and the personal touch is slowly fading away.

Thanks Sakhi !! :)