Monday, January 30, 2012

Random (Day 30 - Project 366)

Today was an eventful day. So much happened! But not everything I can write about...

Having a hard time with one aspect of my life. I don't wish to be rude but getting provoked to do so. Certain issues at work that are making me behave rudely with the person I actually like & respect.

Anyway, this post is about happy moments!!! So here I go..

Today's moments are rather silly. :D I don't know what this fruit is called in English. We call it Zamb in Konkani. As soon as I stepped out of Goregaon station, I couldn't resist myself from buying these:

They aren't usually pink. I don't know why these had that tinge of colour on them. But the taste was just the same!! :)

Also wore the kurta I bought from Shoppers Stop the other day. Wasn't looking as good as it did when I bought it but it fits me well - me is happy!

Seema, Chinky and I have joined some freestyle dancing sessions in Matunga on Mondays & Saturdays. This picture was clicked there. We burn calories there and then go out & hog on food :D

So, the day was pretty okay, but I am just very tired from last night's dancing, and today's whole day of work+dancing. I hope to catch up on some sleep tonight. Tada :)

Clubbing (Day 29 - Project 366)

It was my first time clubbing (officially) today and never knew it could be soooo much fun!!! :)

The dance class I go to had arranged for a jam session where they'd play all kinds of music - jive, salsa, waltz, hiphop, techno, ballroom etc. We just had to let ourselves loose and dance. It was at Sheesha Sky Lounge, Andheri. And boy, it was fun!

As soon as we entered, our hands were stamped on...


There was slow music and people were doing the waltz.. After settling down a bit, we did some waltz too. Next, there were some hiphop numbers and some of the students & instructors were showing their b-boying moves. I was impressed. You too are going to enjoy these:

You should watch this one carefully from 0:49, you'd be amazed! :

Next was Jive and Salsa music.. After some dancing, I was waiting to jive with one of the instructors and luckily, I got to dance with Hari, one of my fav instructors :) He really knows how to take the lead. It was so much fun dancing with him.

After about an hour or so, we were back to freestyle, b-boying and hip-hop.



This one isn't so clear:

And here's my favourite instructor Hari :

Group Techno:

That's Hari on the right (in black) and I don't know this pink shirt's name but he dances well !! :)

It was great fun. The place was a little expensive though. We were made to pay 400rs per head as entry fee and it did not include any drink or food. I was really thirsty and asked for water. They had only mineral water and that was priced at 100rs per bottle!!! Apart from that, it was a great place to dance.

Was so full of energy there, and now I am so tired I just want to hit the bed and not go to work tomorrow.. but that isn't an option :( Goodnight all !!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mehndi (Day 28 - Project 366)

So today, someone said I looked like a dancer.. and even though I am not really good at it, I love it when people say so =) That was one happy moment that was not capturable.. other than dancing freestyle, and also finally tasting Samosa Toast Sandwich at the toast place I talked about a few days back. The Sevpuri Toast is much much better than the Samosa Toast.

After I came home, one of our neighbours wanted me to draw a mehndi on her palm as she had a wedding to attend tomorrow. I had never drawn a mehndi before but there was no one else who could even attempt to do it.

I don't know why but I thought of drawing a peacock. I googled for some designs, but finally, after drawing the outline, I let myself loose with the designs inside the outline. I didn't know how to hold the cone properly, my fingers were aching half way into the mehndi and I had to keep inserting a pin through the hole of the cone for the mehndi to flow out easily. Couldn't keep my hand steady as I was too scared I would mess it all up.

Thankfully, the result didn't turn out as messy as I thought it would:

 I am pretty proud of my work.. what do you think? ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoppers Stop! (Day 27 - Project 366)

A long time back, I had seen a pair of awesome cotton dhoti pants at Shoppers Stop. They looked classy and ethnic at the same time - a combo that is rather rare. I particulary liked a dhoti pant in a military green shade and today, when I was already feeling blue after work, I decided to cheer myself up a bit and got down at Bandra to go grab it!

I ended up buying another tunic as well..

Surprisingly, mom didn't say anything when I came home.. She lets me buy the stuff I like these days :)

So, it was fun shopping as always! Will post pictures of my purchase tomorrow since I am realllllllllllly sleepy right now. 

Goodnight everyone and to those on the other side, I hope you have a nice day :) Much love.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Sapling Project (Day 26 - Project 366)

Volunteered for the Sapling Project drive today, and I like going all the way (to all the venues). It was so much fun that I felt like going ahead from the Shivaji Park venue this time too but a lot of things had to be worked upon. A couple of shots from today:

Haha.. looks like I am the only one not wearing the tshirt (but it still is green, isn't it? And apt for Republic Day.. it shows secularism :P) This photo was shared by Satish Vijaykumar who is one of the founders of the project.

That's a couple of girl guides carrying saplings on their way home after hoisting the flag & watching the parade at Shivaji Park grounds. This picture was shared by Vishal Gadkari (who I think shot it too).

Day ended well with a get-together on my terrace organised by my childhood bestie Chinky and her extended family. There's always a get-together on Republic Day. Played games like Musical Chairs & Pictionary after really long. Don't have pics of it right now though.

Taking a hard decision tomorrow.. things are difficult when emotions are involved. Let's see how things work out.. till then it's a secret! ;)

P.S: Happy Republic Day! :P

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleepover (Day 25 - Project 366)

Met one of my best friends Mona after a long time today.. and decided to spend the night here. This was clicked just ten minutes ago..

That's Mona, me and Alisha (L-R) :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The pillow!! (Day 24 - Project 366)

I had written about making a pillow recently. I got a pillow made to put inside it, thus using it as a cover. I finally finished it today and I am so happy!

You can find the video and the tutorial on my art blog. :) Also going to put it up on Idea Shack soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conversations! (Day 23 - Project 366)

So a lot of happy moments happened today.. and I forgot to capture all of them :( I was so lost in those moments that capturing them didn't feel so important at that time..

I realised that much later when the day was ending and I was having a conversation with my neighbour Gaurang, discussing about what to do in life. It's always nice having late night conversations with him. He's much younger but much wiser somehow (sometimes :P) :D

Please excuse the sleepy faces.. it was close to midnight!

Goodnight :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Painted plate (Day 22 - Project 366)

Plate painting.. The writing part was done by the lady at the stall (I didn't want the "anubha" to be so big). More details of this event in another blog :) )

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weddings! (Day 21 - Project 366)

Weddings are fun, especially when they involve wine, cake and dancing! :)

Today was one such day I was looking forward to.. it was Neil's sister's wedding. But I totally ruined it by coming home late- thus taking longer to dress up, forgetting the gift at home, buying a new gift from the area around the wedding venue and then realising that I had read the venue wrongly. We went to two weddings (by mistake) before we finally got to the one we were supposed to go to. And that made Chinky upset too.

So, my happy moment was only when we danced around a bit.. Chinky had to leave soon.

Tap tap..

 Shall we dance? :D

 And that's Chinky shaking a leg..


 85 and still swinging
Guess some things don't turn out the way you expect them to, no matter how hard you wish they would.

A lot of things to wind up this weekend.. and decisions to be made!! I hate it when I have to make decisions.. for now, bye all :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sevpuri Toast :O (Day 20 - Project 366)

After the long list of varieties of dosa (pav bhaaji dosa, czechuan dosa, pizza dosa) by Ayyappan (or that's what I think its name is) near Matunga phool galli (Matunga central), Reeti took me to another place in Matunga today that makes awesome Sevpuri Toast.

Now, "Sevpuri toast" doesn't make any sense when you first hear of it.. And frankly, I always imagined how it'd taste and wasn't quite happy the combo. I always wanted to try it though. After a long time, today, I finally got a chance to go there along with her, and I must say, the experience was simply awesome! The toast didn't feel like it didn't belong there at all.. The puris, tamarind chutney, masala being inside the slices of bread, the entire thing was toasted and served to us with sev, chutney and sauce! Everything blended so well that it left me savouring for more. Afraid I might have to skip dinner, I ordered for a jam toast instead of a samosa sandwich - another item that interested us. Maybe next time.

This is just Jam Toast.. Two slices of bread with jam spread on them, toasted together.. and loads of butter on top! Forgot to take a photo of the Sevpuri toast :(

Anyway, so next time you're in Matunga (central), make sure you go to Gupta Chaat Center (more commonly known as the guy who makes sevpuri toast :D). It's near West View (in the same lane). And this is the menu for you-

He has a whole list of such weird combos! Interesting, no?

Also, picked up a beautiful flower (fallen on the pavement) on my way home..

Wish flowers could last forever..

P.S: This isn't any kind of marketing stint. I seriously like the place.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What we want (Day 19 - Project 366)

Two things I (and most of us) want from life:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shopping :D (Day 18 - Project 366)

So today was 'shopping day' again :D I know I have been spending way too much but I can't help but buy a few things I like when I know I can afford to! Have to start saving soon though..

Recently, J had introduced me to this wonderful stationery store near Goregaon Station (East), and I had fallen in love with it the first time I went.. Today, I saw J's notebooks and felt like buying some myself. So I decided to pay a visit and ended up buying 3 notebooks.

 One of these is a pack of 2, I really liked the packaging :D

The stationery store

Next, I bought these nail art bottles in 2 different colours- white and red, from the train.. These have a brush and a pin (for drawing), so they can be used for painting as well as for nail art, isn't that great?

Tried them out as soon as I went home:

Tried making tiny hearts with dots on either side of them. I think I need to practise a little more...

I also picked up a tshirt on my way home. I always wanted a top with gathered sleeves (even though it's really common), and I found one with newspaper-like print over it. I have never worn tops with bold prints or even colours.. I always opt for sober coloured clothes, so this is the first time I picked up something like this:

It's jersey material. I like the sleeves..always wanted them. I am not so confident about carrying the print off, but it sure is a change from the usual!

Cutting chai, dabeli & ragda pattice with Reeti over a really good conversation (as usual :)) added to the happiness :)

Couldn't complete my pillow today, as I came home really late and the mattress shop got closed by then (it is close to my house). I will try to finish it tomorrow and post a picture :)

Enough for today.. cya :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bangles and Pillow! (Day 17 - Project 366)

Shopped from the train again today !!! :D

These bangles are all connected to each other, meaning it's just one thing.

Without flash.. (Note: I am not so dark. The light is in the opposite direction :P)

Also tried making a pillow today after watching a video that Sakhi shared on Facebook..

I managed to get so far.. I still have to fill in cotton/sponge/fibre (not sure what exactly they fill, but I'm going to that mattress shop tomorrow)

Thinking of stitching an old button onto it too. :) So far, it required zero sewing. Isn't that amazing? Will put up the video and the entire tutorial on my art blog once this is done!

I'm going to take this to bed every day! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

StressBuster :P (Day 16 - Project 366)

Alisha, my stress buster :P
My day full of stress ended a bit peacefully when she walked in.. at 12:45 a.m. !! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Curls! (Day 15 - Project 366)

Today I had a dancing class, and since the studio is inside a shopping mall, my friend Seema, who had accompanied me to the class (as she is willing to join too) was looking around the mall a bit. What she discovered was so awesome that I felt like doing it too..

There's a new salon coming up in the mall that I go to for dancing, and they were promoting it by offering FREE hair styles to everyone till 8pm !!! Is that awesome or what? Seema and I got our hair done as soon as we could.. needless to say, we loved the new look ;)

Couldn't get enough of taking pictures..

Seema showing her hair off

My styling in process..

The back's almost done.. he's working on the front part now
Work still in progress.. I'm waiting to see it!!

Saw it and loved it.. now for the pictures! :D
Somehow this reminds me of Goldilocks! :D
Photo session at home begins...

The kitchen is my favourite place (for photographs)

 Timepass :P

My hair - back view ;) taken by mom after so much of persuading! No one was interested in my hair but me.. hmph!

Isn't it lovely? These photos are not even half of what I have.. but decided to go easy on the uploading :D Wonderful day it was! :) Now I am going to put off washing my hair as much as I can so that the curls stay for longer :P

P.S: Almost forgot.. Happy Makar Sankranti !!! :) Wanted to go to Ahmedabad and fly kites, as 14th Jan was a Saturday this time.. so there was time too. But couldn't go :(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jive! (Day 14 - Project 366)

So, today, Neil came over.. and then there was some jiving, some fun over tea and random photography!

Neil with my childhood bestie Chinky

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Craft & Colouring! (Day 13 - Project 366)

So today is Friday the 13th. How was it for you all? How many of you actually believe in the myth at all? My day was pretty okay but last night was scary indeed. I couldn't sleep at all. Every minute I kept hearing strange noises and felt like someone was in the house. I don't recall how or when I actually fell asleep but I am glad I managed to!

Today was craft day again.. After painting my nails (:P) and going for a long walk with my close pal Reeti, I came back home to finish what I had started here.

I did manage to finish it but it looks nothing like it should be :D

It's actually an ancient quiver that you can hang across your body or just on a shoulder, and I am planning to make sapling-arrows tomorrow.. But this looks nothing like a quiver, does it? Hmm I had fun anyway, so it really doesn't matter!

 This is the top part of the quiver

The top message

The message at the bottom (in conjunction to the concept of sapling-arrows)

Have hung it around my shoulder. This is a self photograph through a mirror.. so excuse me for the quality.

I know I should be posting this on my art & idea blogs and will be doing so. I myself don't like repetitive content but I had to share the moment on this one.. Will update those blogs once I am done.

The weekend's here and there are going to be a lot of things to blog about over the next couple of days.. stay tuned ;) :P