Thursday, July 26, 2012

Slow down, you crazy child..

Know the sort of joy you feel when you fall in love with a song that's playing in the backdrop when you're watching a movie? And the restlessness that follows when you rewind the movie over and over to  find out its name?

Was watching "13 going on 30" on Friday night. I have always seen that movie in bits and pieces on TV.. Saw it at a stretch on my laptop for the first time. Beautiful movie..and the song had me floored! It's called "Vienna" by Billy Joel. Lovely lyrics, lovely soothing music!

I've shared the lyrics AND the download link here..


Slow down, you crazy child
you're so ambitious for a juvenile
But then if you're so smart, tell me
Why are you still so afraid?

Where's the fire, what's the hurry about?
You'd better cool it off before you burn it out
You've got so much to do and
Only so many hours in a day

But you know that when the truth is told..
That you can get what you want or you get old
You're gonna kick off before you even
Get halfway through
When will you realize, Vienna waits for you?

Slow down, you're doing fine
You can't be everything you want to be
Before your time
Although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight
Too bad but it's the life you lead
you're so ahead of yourself that you forgot what you need
Though you can see when you're wrong, you know
You can't always see when you're right. you're right

You've got your passion, you've got your pride
but don't you know that only fools are satisfied?
Dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true
When will you realize, Vienna waits for you?

Slow down, you crazy child
and take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile
it's all right, you can afford to lose a day or two
When will you realize,..Vienna waits for you?
And you know that when the truth is told
that you can get what you want or you can just get old
You're gonna kick off before you even get half through
Why don't you realize,. Vienna waits for you
When will you realize, Vienna waits for you? (Download Link)

If you want to listen to it here:


Love the lines-
"Though you can see when you're wrong, you know
You can't always see when you're right."

So true!

For best effects, put on your pair of headphones and listen to this number past midnight.

P.S: Does anyone else think Jennifer Garner's body is like that of a man's body? I mean, I think her face is really cute but her body is so masculine!

Friday, July 20, 2012


picnic baskets,
flower bouquets,
holding hands in the rain,
dancing the waltz,
kisses on the cheek,
running in the park,
sleeping beneath the stars..

dreams are fading away.. there just isn't that longing anymore.
 thought i had a lot to give.. but perhaps i'm changing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions since the last few days...

Have you ever been afraid of moving on? I've been in a limbo since as long as I an remember.. Somehow, my mind keeps wanting to hold on to the "familiar" even if the "familiar" hurts. Moving on means letting go of the "familiar" so I can embrace the "new" but then there is this fear that comes in the way.

How does one ever take a leap of faith?

All of this took a back seat when I got a call the other day (Friday morning) from a close friend who informed me that Rehab passed away. It hit me in there..

Rehab and I weren't what you would call close friends. We had first met back in March 2009 at The Trident - Nariman Point for an event by Intuit and that's when I got introduced to her blog. I became a regular reader since mid 2010 and we kept meeting at Blog Camps, Bar Camps- exchanging smiles and ideas about blogging, books, BarCamp sessions and the like. Her blog is a glimpse of her positivity and love for life. And just like her face, it radiates a happy feeling. She wrote beautifully and I would always wait for her to post something new. It used to make my heart smile and fill me up with hope.

The last I had met her was when I was in Bombay for the last time - 17th June 2012. We were planning on organising a Blog Camp together. We had been exchanging emails regarding the same and when she didn't get back, I sent her another email at precisely the time she breathed her last. (Thursday, 5th July, 11PM IST).

She was a beautiful soul - one of the kindest I had come across. She was calm, kind and very helpful. and it's saddening that she had to depart so early.

This is the first time I have lost someone I knew fairly well (other than my grandfather, but in his case, we had accepted that it would happen one day). And the suddenness of it all is what hurts more. I hope her soul is at peace just like it was always, and how it was passed on to those who were touched by it.

Dealing with just so much all at once right now..I'm alternating between feelings of hope and despair every minute of the day. Waiting for something that will soothe my heart - something that will feel like home.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sometimes I just want to hurt myself so that my heart can finally cry.. I just want to get hurt in the hope that all the sadness and anger inside me will get washed away forever.

Could totally connect with this.

I don't want to be here tonight. I feel so alone. Just can't get myself to sleep. Wishing I could be home asleep on my mattress, wrapped in my mom's hug!!! :(

Monday, July 2, 2012


She thought she had him forever and for always. She felt safe. She didn't realise her heart was hurting. She let him penetrate the wall that she had built anyway. She destroyed her life.