Friday, November 29, 2013

Another birthday gone..

Another year has passed. Reached what some would call a milestone.

It was a day mixed with laughter, peace, joy and actually even a little negativity but nothing that could kill spirit.

Things turned out to be okay after all. Maybe not as perfect but still just okay.

Started off with breakfast with a dear friend, followed  by attending a college friend's wedding, lunch with parents, dinner out with friends after which they came home to relax & enjoy some more..

So all in all, it was a good day. Met people, cut cakes, laughed a little and there was hugging!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I don't have bucket lists to mark milestones. Other than wanting to travel more, after the past couple of years, all I really want is to have a fuller life. A life I can fully let myself into..

which is to say,

I want to have more life in my moments than moments in my life.

Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Choices and expectations

This weekend seemed like the most stressful one in recent times. Like I mentioned in the last post, my birthday is coming up.. I kept stressing over whether to celebrate, where to celebrate, what to wear etc. Last week was spent in going to the mall trying on clothes and looking at dresses online. Shopping for an occasion almost never works. I get so confused that I either end up buying them all or none at all. This morning, I decided I won't stress out over having a perfect time on my birthday. It's my state of mind that will make it perfect after all.. not the location or the outfit. I mean, I really won't mind if I am only just by myself but at peace. It will still be worthwhile. (FYI, I can now imagine the stress people go through at their weddings)

It makes me think whether choices, plans etc. are really an illusion. Last year, I had the best time ever. I did make plans but none of them worked out. My dress tore at the last minute. The party was delayed. Someone I was close to at the time did not wish me all day. But in the end, all of us ended up having the best time of our lives. My friend had bought me a dress as a birthday present which I donned for the day. The party was late but that only meant more guests could arrive and those that were already there decided to crash at my place than go back home. I got the awaited call quite late but that time made it possible for me to be wished & blessed by that someone's mother too.

So, it feels like it does not matter what you want. More often than not, life gets in the way and makes it worthwhile. Choices / Decisions feel like an illusion at such times.

Or maybe we need plans. Safety sake. Sometimes they are going to work out. Sometimes they just won't.

A lot of times, unplanned or unexpected things bring more joy as they have the surprise element.

All of this reminds me of a quote I once read,

"The expected is what keeps us steady. It's the unexpected that changes our lives forever."

Saturday, November 16, 2013


I cannot believe I haven't written here for a whole month!

I have just been running out of things to write about.

October was a month that brought a lot of changes to my otherwise boring routine or rather, the lack of it.
I had been in my shell for almost a year now & decided to slowly try and find a place for myself somewhere than waiting endlessly for something great to happen. So, it started with me taking a random decision by accepting a project to keep myself occupied. It led to me being super busy & stressed instead, but atleast the stress was directed differently so I'd like to think my decision wasn't a bad one.

In the middle of all this, I spent a few nights at a friend's place and we stayed up talking all night the first night I was there!! It's nice how some people just seep into your life like they've always been there and staying with them seems as comfortable & natural as living by yourself. Better too! I feel lucky to have such friends..

Spent a weekend in Goa with my parents. It was our yearly religious trip but this time, it was slightly more relaxing than all the times we have been there.

I took some photos in my dad's phone..

This is where we stayed :

It's called "Bhakt Niwas" and is temple accommodation but the building looked so vibrant & royal that I could not resist taking pictures..

And this is the temple building :

Who'd say it's a temple!!! right?

Somebody was in a mood to pose for a picture ;)

Doesn't he look like he's winking at the camera?  :D

I tried taking pictures of the sunset across the landscapes from the train on the way back.. but it was an AC train so the windows were shut.. 

Some of the photos look like they are painted on canvas because of the settled dust on the windows :D The last one looks like it's from a dream..

I think I prefer travelling in Sleeper trains (with the windows open and lots of people).. they have a different feel altogether.

I started attending & performing at Open Mic, Prithvi Cafe.. it happens every fourth Tuesday of the month. My first time there was quite nice. I met someone new, read out one of my poems, listened to others perform and had a good time. The second time around, it was a bit dull. I read out some of my short poems but was shaky for some reason. Also, it got over very soon.

Navratri just came and went by .. it wasn't as fun as last year and that was the same with Diwali.

On one of the days, a friend & I had gone to Worli Seaface post dinner .. and we came across people were bursting firecrackers, lighting sky lanterns.. it was so lively & colourful!!

People lighting sky lanterns..

A small boy lighting one more sky lantern

In the air..

A family lighting chakras..

I love these!!! Can look at them all day :) This one was clicked by my friend.

And this dude was bursting fireworks in his hand !!!

Wrong person wearing the superman tee :D

So many sky lanterns.. there were more!!

So it was a fun evening..
In other news, my birthday is coming up soon ..I had thought of making a bucket list but dropped the idea..
I know what I want to do pretty much.. worry less and take the train out of the city more often :)

Until next time, cya! :)