Monday, May 26, 2008


I'm in my examination hall .. I'm on my last question now, and I have just 5 more minutes till the bell rings .. I'm writing as fast as I can .. my handwriting does not even look like a "hand" writing anymore.. :D .. and Tringggg.... no, actually, Dong-dong [the electric bell does not work nemore :-( ] goes the bell.. That stern looking supervisor snatches my paper almost tearing it into 2 halves .. We all look at our watches ... I get reactions like "Thaapa ne bell jaldi bajaya be !!" .. Thats our college peon.. Or, "The paper was sooo lengthy, no??" .. I'm like- "Is it 5 minutes already??!!!"

And we all know how those very 5 minutes seem like agessss when we're waitin for that boring Physics lecture to end ... (One of the reasons I dropped Physics !) I keep looking at my watch as the second-hand ticks away till the fifth minute !! And it takes foreverrrr to do that lemme tell u ... I could take a short nap hiding behind that journal by that time!

Speaking of naps, I always set my alarm to ring at 6.15 a.m. , and then I have this habit of snoozing it every time till my mom screams (sometimes I wish I could Snooze her too :D) .. Anyway, so it rings soon after 5 minutes , and I always feel like I had just closed my eyes ! Those 5 minutes seem to pass so fast when we want to sleep some more....

Then again, these 5 minutes seem painfully slow when you're waitin to meet someone dear ..!!I had this friend of mine who would always be late .. Usually , its me who's never on time.. But
she's even more unpunctual.. I would finish 4 levels of Snake on my phone till that time!

So what's the deal with 5 minutes?
When there's something that we want to do, time seems to fly .. and we end up falling short of it .. But when we're idle , or spending time without being interested in what we're doing , it looks like there're n number of seconds in a minute ! :-)

Had been tagged by my friend RJ to write this post , so temme how y'all liked it .. It'll take just "5 minutes" of ur time !! :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Get, Set, Vroooooooom ;-)

Updating dis after a really longggg time.....
Well , I had just found somethin to do !!!
Was working in Intelenet Global Services for a month,
Andddddd now I'm back to being useless again.. :-)
I just realised these might be the last summer holidays I'm actually gonna get , to spend them the way I want to ..!
Spent a whole lot of time with friends, hanging out ,partying, playin badminton..
Learning to ride a 4-wheeler and a Scooty these days .....
Its fun, but therez a lot to remember .... you wouldn't want to hit the accelerator in place of the brake and run over people!! It ALLLL has to be synchronized ... does get a bit tricky at times... but hopefully, I'll learn ;-)
Riding a scooty is far better ... no Gear business there .. !!! :)
Alright then ... keepin this short, will write more real soon !