Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moral Dilemmas...

There are some things about someone you don't like, 
some things so intimate that telling them could break a relationship forever, 
and not telling them could affect their relationships with other people they meet down the line.. 

What would you do in this case? 
Tell them and risk getting misunderstood and losing them? 
Or Not tell them and let them ruin their future lives?

Worrying over Not Worrying!!! :D

It's that time of the year again...Exams are round the corner, starting from 6th April, and these are not just college exams I'm talking about, these are University (Board) exams.. And strangely, the tension's not building up at all ! 

Maybe the feeling's not sunk in yet.. maybe I'm so used to treating college exams so lightly since they have no value, that I'm treating this like one too!

And it's not only with me, it's with the whole of TYCS (Third Year Computer Science). I see all of them in green dots blinking all the time whenever I login to Gtalk.. Our community on Orkut is flooded with new forums and posts every hour .. !! Seems like by the time the worry sinks in, it's going to be too late.. It happened that way for our practical exams. We would all be wasting time in college all day and one night before the exams, at 2 a.m. Aditi and I would be on the phone chorusing 
"Fatttt rahi hai be.." :D

But all went well.. and I hope this goes well too !! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me,Myself and the Universe!

Of late, the Universe has been in favour of me. I think I can replace Nikhil as GOD now :P

It all started 2 weeks back!

I was super-bored and was browsing through my Orkut friend list,when I saw this friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to since ages! He's studying at IIM, Ahmedabad, and before this, he was in IISc Bangalore. My point is- he's hardly ever in Bombay.. I thought I'd just go say hi, scrapped him and went off to sleep! Just a couple of hours later, my mom came back from work to tell me he she bumped into him, and he told her he had tried calling me just a few minutes back, that he'd be in town for a couple of days now.. I was shocked..!!

The same evening, I was online, and was just about to ping Nikhil after a really long time, when I got a call from him after a month!

It was all starting to get really creepy..

Whatever I thought, evolved. And it's not always a good thing!

I had just formatted my drive and was hoping it would not get infected by this stupid "z-connect" virus again.. and it did, the next day itself! 
Likewise, for my Java viva, I was hoping my teacher wouldn't ask me a particular method explanation I wasn't too sure of, and she did JUST THAT! 

Its really difficult NOT to think of something when you don't want it, and when you know you're not supposed to think of it ! :D
I should learn to choose my thoughts..!

In the words of Chris Daughtry-

"Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all... and then some you don't want." 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here I am ! :)

I'm back ! Firstly I apologise for not replying to any of the comments and being away from blogosphere for quite some time. I've just been a lot busy lately. First, it was my PC acting funny, it had a mind of its own and used to restart whenever it felt like! I had to work on my friend's PC which I'm sure annoyed her as I took up her facebook time, not to mention her long chats with her virtual boy friend in San Fransico (Chinky, please don't kill me for this!) :D

Followed by that were journal submissions, had to meet a lot of back-to-back deadlines. All my journals got signed except for Java, and when I asked my teacher why she wouldn't sign it, all she said was she was not satisfied with my attendance! I've missed just 2 of her practicals, and no satisfaction!!! Some people are hard to please. I wondered why she was doing that to me when there were others who hardly ever managed to get out of bed to make it to class.. Personal grudges maybe..but what a way to get back at someone! After 2 viva sessions, and she hating me for getting them right, I finally got that signature! Phew!

Then came the much awaited V-day, which clashed with our farewell. 
I went to college in the morning, and as i was expecting, there was a posse of policemen gathered outside and also a bench put up by the Congress. Political invasion on Valentines day is usual, but this year the reasons were different. There was a hoarding that said "Get lucky in love". They were supporting V-day and gave out red roses to everyone! It's no surprise with the elections round the corner..they keep coming up with innovative ways to fill their votebank!

The evening party was nice, I had created a movie out of all our photos and videos right from the First Year. After giving our farewell speeches, we played that movie on the projector that left all of us feeling nostalgic.. :) The DJ played a few good tracks and the sloppy dancer that I am, I managed to shake a leg somehow.. Dinner followed and after a nice hot cup of tea at Irani, I returned home only to be welcomed by my old friends! I caught up with them after ages..!!
After an hour of chatting up, one more hot cup of tea with Chinky over gossip, and texting a Valentine confession to a friend I had a 
crush on ;) , I finally slept off..!!

All in all.. the best Valentines Day EVER..!!! :)

It's time to get back to my books now.. with the boards coming up next month... :( 
Wish me luck..!!! Sayonara!