Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One year gone...

ok so my first year (bsc-comp sci) exams got over on the 17th of march..
a whole year has gone and i didnt even realise it..
had so much fun in college this year. it completely changed me.
made so many new friends, got an awesome group.. Haseena's chapad-chapad, Aditi's phone habits, Aparna's "Marro!!!", Prasad's "Chhottey", Sonu's handsfree, Deepali's bindaaas attitude, Jaspreet's PJs, Sana and Sanket's romancing hehehe ... its all so nice..

Interacted with wonderful teachers like Siby Sir, Pinky ma'am and Rashmi ma'am...

Designed so many things for college! Was delighted to see my name printed on the first page of the coll mag this year..

Then there was the IT fest...
Nitya, Mhatre, Gurpreet, Prasad, Nishant, Dilip, Kashish, Chetan, Harmeet, Santosh and myself-- we all formed the Organising Committee and the fest was a success..
Learnt a lot of things from it. We made a great team.

Participated in so many inter-collegiates and actually won !

The DJ party was fun too.

Our class community on Orkut that was created on the 8th of Jan also brought all of us together...
Abhishek (the Linux guy ;-) ) actually started talking to all of us after the community was created... hehe..

And I got an awesome class. I can say its the BEST ! If there was a "Best class of the year" award, my class would get it !! We are all so united..and free with each other, there's nothing like it.

My life has completely changed after the first year.
I made friends with someone like Haseena whom I never thought would help me overcome something I was trying for a long time. She changed me a lot, in a good way dat is.. She's closest to me now.. and will always be..

Made friends with Osci (oscar) , and i'll always be thankful to Orkut for dat ! He too has changed me in a lot of ways unknowingly. He's a chweet friend and always listens to my bad-bad on gtalk !! hehe

Will always cherish friends like Haseena and Osci.

And lastly, of course, I am very lucky... luckiest... "lucky" is not the word --- to have friends like Mona and Shrushti.

I can always count on them at anytime !!! (this suits shrushti more--shez an owl !!)

About Dinoo.. I have given him a lot of trouble in the recent months... but I hope he understands what I went through. Things have changed a lot. But I'll still be there 4 him... always :-)

Thats about it for now...
Holidays goin on and I'm enjoying every bit of them.. does get a lil boring sometimes but its ok !!!
Will write more on that front later..
adios !!