Friday, May 22, 2009

A Short Getaway...

Had been to Matheran (a hill station, around 100 km from Bombay).. It was a fun trip.. 

I got to sit on a horseback for the first time and even though I sprained my arm and leg, I enjoyed..!!!

I witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever at Sunset point.

I screamt at echo point hoping to hear an echo, but unfortunately, didn't :(

I had never before seen such a lot of monkeys together.. I thought monkeys were supposed to be friendly.. Trust me, they scare the hell out of you!! You gotta act fast to escape them! There were a few cute ones too, who ate nuts from the hands of the tourists there..! 

I played on see-saws, swings and slides after ages..!!! :D 

I jumped around and danced in the middle of the woods just cuz there was no one looking, and I could do what I wanted to !! :D

Had moonlight dinner with wonderful music!! :)

Lastly, I tweeted from my cellphone.. didn't know I'd become such a Twitter bug..! 

Here are a few clicks of the trip-- 

The sunset at Sunset Point
I like this picture particularly because of the clouds beneath the sun that are lit up by the sun-rays..It just looks so pleasant!

My cousin captured this...I like this one the best-- it has a different feel to it!

Cute, aren't they???

My cousin clicked this in just ONE go !

Me on Zoran, the Black Beauty :P

Monday, May 18, 2009


It almost seems like God read my post yesterday, since I got a big package from Wipro today with the offer letter in it, and an office bag ! :D But it's confusing me all the more!

I had also got selected by Patni but they didn't give me a joining date yet. And so is the case with Wipro, except that it's in Bangalore and it has a 4 year bond, and only after completion of 4 years will I be called an employee of Wipro! So it doesn't really seem like a good idea to me, but if I don't have any choice left, I might have to go with it..but that also means saying goodbye to my city and to my Masters degree. I'm all confused now :( 

Life's complicated when you don't know where you're heading.. and what you want to do! 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jobs and Recession

There couldn't have been a more worse time for me to graduate.. I never thought I'd be affected by the recession.. And here I am, hunting for jobs since a month and still jobless! I signed up on all the job portals I knew.. and everyday I get mails from them saying they've jobs that supposedly match my profile. I apply to all of them and rarely ever do they revert..!
Last week, I was all excited when I finally got a mail from some Datamatics Global Services saying they had a job matching my profile, and that I was to urgently come there with my resume. The next day itself, I went there accompanied by my unemployed friend. We were made to fill some forms and wait outside to be called in by the HR for some short seminar that would give us an idea of our job profiles. We waited.. waited and waited some more! Soon, it was time for lunch, we ran to the cafeteria and hogged as much as we could :D And then FINALLY the HR called us in..  After 4 hours of waiting, he tells us we have to search Google and Wiki for information on their products, edit the information to discard irrelevant info, and feed the stuff into MS-Excel! And the mail said the job matched my profile !!! 3 years of learning progamming languages, developing web based and system applications and we end up with a data-entry job! We couldn't wait there any longer and literally ran out of the office building as soon as he went in to get the Test papers! :D

Yesterday again, I went for an interview in Karrox technologies, which turned out to be a coaching class. There was a huge crowd of people lined up for the interview, guessed they all got the mail. After 2 hours of waiting, we were told that we have to pay them 50K for a training course, after which IBM will come to their coaching class to recruit people and it MAY hire us after interviewing us.. All of us left at once!!! It was like paying them to get paid!!! :D 

I've given up hopes of getting employed now.. maybe I'll just complete my Masters, and by then, hopefully the situation'll improve..!! Else, you might find me in some firm working with Google and Excel.. ! :P

Dr. Smiley made me smile! Thanks! :)

I wondered why Sakhi a.k.a. Dr. Smiley (my blog friend from Ahmedabad) asked me for my postal address all of a sudden when I was online on GTalk. Then she went on to tell me she might give me a surprise visit soon and that by having to answer that, I had ruined her surprise! :D Little did I know what was coming my way was a sweet little gift wrapped with lots of scotch tape love! :) 

I had come back home tired after a long and useless day and mom told me there was a gift from someone, I lightened up as soon as I saw her name on the packet, I opened it and found this wonderful bag.. I called her up to thank her when she told me she had got it when she went to Goa. Got a sweet surprise in a long time! Thanks a lot dear! It made my day :) 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Vote !

It's been two years since I turned eighteen but never really got an opportunity to vote. 
And yesterday I did it-finally! I was thrilled to see my name on the Voters list last month, and I had started preparing since then! :D
Yeah you read that right- preparing! 

Right since I was a kid, I'd envy my parents who'd come home with inks on their index fingers. Not that I was interested in politics.. I just wanted to feel like a grown up, an adult, and contribute to the society in some way.. strange, I know. As soon as I checked my name online, I called up all my college friends to check theirs too and guided them through the process.. I was the only fortunate one whose name was on the list,almost none of my friends could vote this year.. :D I kept logging in to the Jaago re, Janaagraha, One Billion Voters sites to check out the profiles of all the candidates in my constituency. I wanted it to be perfect! I even bought a t-shirt that says "I Vote" from my designer friend Neil who designed it himself! 

And finally the day arrived. The day most of us would spend holidaying, or in bed.. I was already on all those sites, confirming my booth number, booth address.. I put on that tee, carried my PAN and ration card, and proudly marched my way to the venue! I was smiling at everyone there.. Trust me, it DOES scare people ! :D After getting my details verified, and showing them an identification proof, I voted ! And got my finger marked..!!! Atlast! :)

I felt a sense of pride! 
Just going around showing people the middle finger now! :D