Wednesday, October 15, 2008

strange emotions! :)

Had fun after a really long time today ... :)

With my mood swings, the crying, and the negative thoughts that have kept me busy for so long (not to mention exams) , i've never been happy about the things i shud have been..

Felt a gush of happiness run thru me today , more so when we all rushed to have the best cold coffee and nimbupaani at this joint atleast a km away from college,  after the exam got over..

I don't know if it was the fooling around, the hot gossip, the coffee, or the dragon fly in jaspreet's pocket dat he's planning to pet!!! :D

I'm still unaware of what I was so happy about.. some things just can't be explained.. 
All i know is i had a smile on my face that lasted till i went home .. and it comes back everytime i think of today :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Egg-jams .. :(

Its dat time of the year again... and HOW i hate it ..!!! x(

Study leave was always a nice long vacation for me.. This is the first time i actually utilised my study-leave to studyy!!! :D
All I do these days is eat, sleep, study, come online .. 
But still there's a lot more to be done.. 
Not that these marks matter much, its just a practice test, the actual exams will take place in March.. Even then, I don't wanna end up gettin low scores :(

People are "preparing" in full swing..  I get scared of even writin down an algorithm on my palm leave alone make chits ... !!! 

That reminds me of one time I had tried my hand at copying ..
I had this invisible pen , you write with it and then just switch on a button on its side, that gives out a tiny ray of light.. you can see all that's written in that light.. 
I had written some formulae on a piece of paper back in SYJC mid-term exams just in case I forget those.. and the next day, in the middle of the exam.. when I switched on that button, it just wouldnt work.. the battery had died out..!! :D 
I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.. I was just happy I didn't rely on that chit entirely.. I could recall dat formula later and it all went well .. 
Haven't dared to try anything of that sorts ever since ..!! :D
As far as peeking into my neighbour's paper goes, I somehow can never trust his/her answers and end up writing my own stuff !! 

Well .. now tryin my best to finish studyin as much as I can .. 

Just hope it all goes well ..

Wish me luck !!! ;-)