Monday, January 16, 2012

Curls! (Day 15 - Project 366)

Today I had a dancing class, and since the studio is inside a shopping mall, my friend Seema, who had accompanied me to the class (as she is willing to join too) was looking around the mall a bit. What she discovered was so awesome that I felt like doing it too..

There's a new salon coming up in the mall that I go to for dancing, and they were promoting it by offering FREE hair styles to everyone till 8pm !!! Is that awesome or what? Seema and I got our hair done as soon as we could.. needless to say, we loved the new look ;)

Couldn't get enough of taking pictures..

Seema showing her hair off

My styling in process..

The back's almost done.. he's working on the front part now
Work still in progress.. I'm waiting to see it!!

Saw it and loved it.. now for the pictures! :D
Somehow this reminds me of Goldilocks! :D
Photo session at home begins...

The kitchen is my favourite place (for photographs)

 Timepass :P

My hair - back view ;) taken by mom after so much of persuading! No one was interested in my hair but me.. hmph!

Isn't it lovely? These photos are not even half of what I have.. but decided to go easy on the uploading :D Wonderful day it was! :) Now I am going to put off washing my hair as much as I can so that the curls stay for longer :P

P.S: Almost forgot.. Happy Makar Sankranti !!! :) Wanted to go to Ahmedabad and fly kites, as 14th Jan was a Saturday this time.. so there was time too. But couldn't go :(


JD said...

love da curls...wish i could touch em !! u look beautiful :)

Anubha said...

Thanks so much.. I wish my original curls were this pretty!