Sunday, May 29, 2011


Not being affected by people or things after a while may not be a sign of lack of self-respect.

Misunderstood. Again.

What hurts more is the loss of your place in someone's life.

Tired, empty, depressed yet hopeful.


Mona Natassia said...

What's dis abt???

Reema said...

ohh take care. This too shall pass away.

Jaspreet Aiden said...

and i always thought goa was a fun place to go!!!

Anubha said...

Tell you later.

Hmm, thanks! I want it to resolve.

This has nothing to do with Goa.

Sakhi said...

Awww... take care. HUGS!!!

fivefeetsmall said...

Sometimes it's supposed to be that way.

And if it's supposed to last.

It will. :)

Anubha said...


*hugs* !!!

Hmm, thank you for those words.. :) It has resolved now, somewhat! :)

~j~ said...

"What hurts more is the loss of your place in someone's life."

That's exactly what I felt a few months ago. I still feel that hurt a little but time and a busy work day heal more than anything else.

xlpharmacy said...

Don't worry about the things , every single thing is gonna be OK ! why cry?? Do not be sad the life is happy