Saturday, March 18, 2017

Checking In

So I never thought I would write in here again.

Whenever I think of writing a new post, I think about how it would link to all my old posts and how I would explain this gap!! But I don't think I should be looking for continuity anymore, should I?

Anywayyy, it doesn't feel like a whole 2 years have passed since I have blogged here.

A lot has happened since then but I somehow never found anything significant enough to document along the way.

Maybe it is because I have been struggling putting myself into moments completely. I get immersed into very few moments lately, and I want to change this.

Umm, so to briefly update, I lived in another city (Bangalore) for 4 months in 2016, didn't like it and moved back to Mumbai. Still experimenting with finding a career / something I love to work on and have also got back into practising basic Yoga on a regular basis.

Friendships have taken a different turn now. The circle has reduced but I like that there is more purity in it now. I used to find my identity in my college group, and had some trouble dealing with the separation of a few, but realised that some things have to change and some people need to be away if they have a tendency to make you feel bad about yourself to feed their own habits or desires.

Lastly, I discovered a new found interest in classical music, due to a band that I started listening to on YouTube called "Maati Baani". You should totally check them out!! They combine elements of Indian classical music with music from across the world, and the result is pure brilliance. I started listening to solo classical tracks by Nirali Kartik, the lead singer of the band on YouTube and fell in love with pure Indian classical music.

Other than that, life feels a bit stuck somehow. I hope I am moving, though it has been this way since over 2 years now.

For 2017, I want to fall in love, find something to do that sustains me long-term, gain the ability to find peace in every moment (learn to relax), be able to make clear decisions for a better / peaceful life and generally be healthy.

Don't know how often I'll write in here. But this was nice.. :)

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