Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 things about me!

A tag after ages! Reema tagged me to do this one and honestly, it took a long time for me to think of ten things about myself! Strange how little we know about ourselves than we think we do. Okay, so here I go!

1. I have an odd quirk of counting all the numbers on my bus ticket as soon as I buy one. It was part of a game we used to play when we were 15. Ever since, I've not been able to break the habit; never felt the need to either!

2. I hate my hair. But, I've found a permanent solution to making it look good. Scared of change though.

3. I'm a hard core
chai addict. Ever ready for Ginger chai!

4. I sing and dance when I'm alone or in a huge crowd (so that I know no one's watching! :D). Lately, I've started to LOVE dancing though owing to my Jive-Salsa-Waltz classes! :) Music and me are inseparable. :)

5. I like to read, write and paint!

6. I love my freedom too much. Stop me from doing something and you lose me then and there.

7. Not very expressive in person; shy of expression.

8. Twitter addict! :P

9. Love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, HIMYM, and plays! :)

10. Good conversations excite me. I can chatter away endlessly with some people, and can be very quiet with some.

Finally, I'm done. I could think of more things about myself towards the end, but I had reached the limit. :P I pass on this tag to Sakhi (my all-time favourite
bakra :P), Nikhil (you really need to start blogging again!), Aditi & Scorpria (both of you as well!), Calvin (you're welcome! :P), Neha (my new Twitter fraand) and I guess that's about it!


ani_aset said...

thats a nice list :) me too loves latin ballroom dancing big time :)

Anonymous said...

I love dancing too! :) Thanks for the tag

Calvin Pereira said...

Brilliant stuff....I remember the chat we had in Directi's car parking area...the rickshaw story....lolz

Anubha said...

:) Let's have a dance tweetup sometime! ;)

:) you're welcome

Shhhh.. this is a public blog :P

Anonymous said...

A tag! just what one needs when you're looking to return to blogging (though i've done 3 tags recently--thts 6 months bac--i still havent 'returned').

IThanks for the tag, again. you'rs is a happy list :)

Anubha said...

Glad to see you're alive!! :P

Honestly, really happy to see your comment here. And PLEASSSEEE start blogging again! I miss reading your posts!!! :(

Reema said...

aww I find your hair in snaps quite nice :) and I am twitter addict too!
P.S. pl link my name too!

Anubha said...

Hehe, my snaps always come out better than what I look like. Deceptive hai!! :D Twitter addicts.. we all are now I guess! And yes, sorry I forgot to do that! Will do it right away.. :)