Wednesday, October 15, 2008

strange emotions! :)

Had fun after a really long time today ... :)

With my mood swings, the crying, and the negative thoughts that have kept me busy for so long (not to mention exams) , i've never been happy about the things i shud have been..

Felt a gush of happiness run thru me today , more so when we all rushed to have the best cold coffee and nimbupaani at this joint atleast a km away from college,  after the exam got over..

I don't know if it was the fooling around, the hot gossip, the coffee, or the dragon fly in jaspreet's pocket dat he's planning to pet!!! :D

I'm still unaware of what I was so happy about.. some things just can't be explained.. 
All i know is i had a smile on my face that lasted till i went home .. and it comes back everytime i think of today :)


Nissim said...

We experience such strange things especially when the pressure is off and we are among those we love the most.

Sid said...

Agree with Nissim.... if we just knew how to avoid getting back into the gloomy days over and over again, life would be so much better.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Glad to see you smile after your egg-jam! :)
Your friend plans to have a dragonfly as a pet? Hmmm... I should meet this guy... Ask him if he'd be interested in a partnership and a permanent tenure track in the MirrorCracked Labs... :D

Sakhi said...

am happy for you... keep smiling! it increases the face value :)

Anonymous said...

Oye! Where are you? Why aren't you writing??
Happy Diwali, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

it always feels great when your exam ends.....adrenalin flowing all through your nerves....that feeling of "I have conquered the world" within you....:D

very beautiful blog indeed .... am blogrolling you ... ;)

Kaushik Nagarajan said...

That is one wonderfully tintillating and beautifully written blog.

Cheers :D :D

Btw, you're the first person whom I don't know to comment on my blog so you've opened up the channels for the outside world viewing my blog.. or atleast symbolising it XD

Did what I say make sense? :O

Anonymous said...

hey girl!
happy to know th day brings a smile everytime yu think of it! great!

and a dragonfly as a pet? trust me, he'll weep like no other th day it dies! :D

even I'm bac!!! whr ar yu??

Bluraykabaap said...

Anubha's a great blogger i just love all her blogs...Keep goin girl [:P]